Message From Ecton

"I am here on Earth because I wish to be here. I, and beings such as myself are here on Earth for we have been requested to be here. When human entities went about creating the construct called "physical reality", you made a request to entities such as myself. The request you made was assistance to remember your Christ/Buddha self when the timing was appropriate.

"'Come back and remind us, assist us in remembering that which is familiar, please'. For you knew, before you separated from a grander dimension of God that you would forget your innate "godness". You knew that as you created this grand and glorious playground of physical reality you would forget that it was you who actually created it. You knew you would become so enmeshed and lost in the drama of creation that you would forget your source, your roots. So you asked us to remind you of your truth.

"So, now we are attempting to strike up a chord that is familiar to you, that which you know, deeply, about yourself and your creation. We are not here to fix you. We are not here to heal you. We are here to remind you, as you have requested.

"You will have experiences that push the buttons of familiarity, that trigger emotional recognition, that cause a gut-level reaction, that cause you to utter "Aha" as you journey back to remembrance. I am here, not to tell you about what you do not know, but to talk to you about what you do know. I never tire of reminding you, and will do so as long as I am requested to do so.

"You as a species, at times, tire of hearing about your creativity and your creations, though, especially during times when you indulge in the of illusions of powerlessness and victimization. But the more you allow yourself to ponder the possibilities of your creative potential, the more you open yourself to the recollection, the remembrance of that which is real…the reunion between your physical nature and your god-like being.

"Whomever chooses to speak with an "entity" such as myself is, in fact, is speaking to their own creation. Each human is creating that "entity" to fulfill whatever his or her current needs are. There is no separation between the entity itself and the human who is seeking. This is why many people feel a close bonding to an entity, for we are your creation, and in fact, we are you. For others who feel an entity to be an evil or ungodly creation, the need for that human is also fulfilled, for it is the human who makes the decision based upon his or her perceptions, beliefs and needs. Once again, there is no separation, no distance between the human and entity. In essence, beings such as myself are neutral in relation to the choices humans make, unattached to how each human uses his or her perceptual abilities.

"I do not subscribe to or teach hierarchical construct of the Universe or the entities, human or otherwise, in it. There is no 'greater than' or 'lesser than'. There is no competition. I am not from a dimension you can place above or below. For those who need to perceive or believe in a hierarchical structure to the Universe, so will they attract the information and entities they need to better understand the Universe in this fashion. If you need a linear construct to understand yourself or the Universe, so be it. This construct will be there for you. If you need to see things in black and white, good and evil, night and day, so be it. This construct is there for you. But eventually, you will release your beliefs, constructs, and imaginings as you pursue the simple truth…that the Universe is as you assemble it, and can be assembled any way you wish.

"We are attempting to communicate to you a state of being that is beyond ordinary pathways to understanding. It is a moment-by-moment expression of your true nature, unattached to the past and unhindered by the future. It is an experience of reality that is without word, without definition, without judgment. In your genuine multidimensional nature all of your pasts and futures occur now, one, two, ten thousand steps removed. All that you wish to experience, all that you can experience is occurring now, as you read this. Your primary focus though, is on this current reality, where these words leap in to your mind, attempting to satiate your brain's need to know, to understand the Universe and your role in it. But the brain, understanding reality from a linear, time-oriented perspective, cannot, will never be able to grasp the entirety of the Universe. This is because the truth of your multi-dimensional natures exists beyond time and space. This is why we recommend the pursuit of 'beingness'. For even though your mind might never be able to fully understand the Universe from a linear perspective, it certainly has the ability to experience the Universe…fully and completely.

"You may wonder what I am, who I am, and what gives me the authority to speak of these matters. The authority comes from you, at your request. Your choice in communicating with beings such as myself is to gather what you need, or reject what you must. In my original form, I exist without body, though am infinitely connected to the world of physical. I choose to remain one step removed from physical reality due to simple preference…I do not desire to own a physical body, but I do desire to interact with beings who do desire to own a physical body. Since I have never owned a physical body, and simply borrow, with permission, the body of the host, I have never been embroiled within physical reality and therefore, never needed to forget the truth of my nature. I am not limited by the name you know me as.

"I am not limited by the beliefs you hold about me. I am not limited by the definitions you place upon me. I am without dimensions and without boundaries, as are you in your truest form.

"Humans, at this point in their evolution are moving beyond their consensual need for pain or discomfort. Every addiction that plagues you, every sadness that overwhelms you, every suffering you endure is the optional experience of life within physical reality, not based upon inherent need. But every discomfort you endure aids you in furthering yourself along your evolutionary pathway, to the point where you realize these things simply are not necessary any longer. As you pursue purity of thought and body, please remember that even in your worst moments, your most painful experiences, that you, still, are the god or goddess of your existence. As you do this, your recollections will build upon themselves, creating a foundation of love and clarity, where the truth of your creative nature and your ability to choose the life you wish moves beyond fantasy into reality."

Ecton 10/28/00