"Dear Friends" Archive

Dear Friends,  (Fall 2015)

It’s been a while since I last wrote a letter to you.  For the last 1.5 years, since Voice Co. and I went our separate ways, I’ve been restructuring the way I work and channel and have been enjoying a much needed rest from travel as I ponder and plan my future.

One of the things that Ecton often recommends is to “get comfortable with not knowing”.  This seems somewhat counterintuitive for people like my clients and me who want to know everything about everything!  But really, if you think about it, how can you ever learn something if you think you “know it all”? 

In that case the doors to knowledge are shut very tightly.  Those who think they know everything cannot learn anything.  It is “not-knowingness” that opens us to eventual, inevitable knowingness, though it can be temporarily uncomfortable.  The reason I mention this, is I’ve been receiving many personal lessons about it, especially as it relates to my channeling work.  After Voice Co. and I separated, I was at a loss for a while about what to do next. 

I tried to adopt an attitude of neutrality and observation and tried to be comfortable with not knowing what’s next.  This supported quietness and rest and receptiveness that has led to greater clarity about my channeling work.  And I’m sure, as I continue to open to new knowledge, I will continue to change and adjust and adapt.  And in this time of great change on planet Earth, I think a willingness to change, adjust, and adapt is a life and love affirming strategy.

So, if you are wondering, I want you to know that I have not retired.  Based on a commitment I made long ago that I will continue to channel as long as people ask me to, I’ve been doing just that.  All of my channeling recently has been remotely, by way of Skype or telephone.  This includes private channeling sessions, my Audio Blog with Ecton and Champak, and wonderful interviews with Star People and Anemone magazines. 

I’ve been enjoying channeling remotely from the comfort of my home in Thailand very much.  Some people say they miss having an in-person session, and I agree that I miss my friends and clients in Japan.  But regarding the quality of the channeling I’ve noticed there is no difference between a remote session and an in-person session.

I’m not sure when I will return to Japan for work.  I did come to Japan in the spring of this year for vacation and enjoyed some time with Champak at a wonderful snowy hot spring.  This reminded me how much I love Japan, and it was so nice to visit without the pressure of work.  I must do this more often!

So, until we meet again, by way of Skype or in-person, I wish you the best that life has to offer…health, wealth, love, and happiness!  I hope Ecton and I can assist you in some way in fulfilling your dreams.

Much love to you,

Richard Lavin
Channel for Ecton

親愛なる皆さん、(2015年 秋)



そのような状態では、ドアは硬く閉ざされてるものです。すべてを知っていると思っている人々は、じつは何も学ぶことは出来ないでしょう。私たちを最終的に腑に落ちた状態へと開いていってくれるのは『知らない』という状態においてなのですが、それは一時的に不快でさえありえます。 きょう皆さんにこれをお話しているのは、私自身がチャネリングの仕事でこの事について多くのレッスンを体験したからです。ヴォイス社と別れた後、さて次に何をするべきかと私はしばらくのあいだ気力を失いました。

そこで私は、中立で観察的な態度でいるよう心がけ、次に何が起こってくるのか未知であるということに不安がらず、心地よくいるよう努めてみました。 それは、静けさと休息と大きな受容性のひとときでした。やがて私は、チャネリングについてのより大きな明晰さへと導かれていったのです。 そして今は、自分はたえず新しい知識に対し開き続け、変わり、調整され、適応していくのだということが分かります。 そして、この惑星地球の大きな変化というものも同様に、たえず変化し、調整され、適応するという意思によってたゆまず動いている、生命であり愛による計画だということが分かるのです。




ですから、この次スカイプまたは対面であなたにお会いできるその日まで、私は、生命があなた自身に与えてくれる最高の健康、富、愛と幸せを心からお祈りしています! これからも変わりなく、エクトンと私が何らかの方法であなたの夢を叶えていくお手伝いをさせていただければと願っています。



Dear Friends, (Winter 2014)

As you know, all things in life must change.  In fact, change is nature and the Universe in motion.  Change can be common, ordinary, and sometimes challenging and extraordinary.  I’d like to tell you about some of the changes in my life and work.  For 26 years I have worked with Voice Co.  Throughout that time I have appreciated everything the president and staff has done for me.  And I have appreciated all the support from my clients and fans.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you all.  And now change is in the air.  Good and welcome, though challenging change.  Voice and I are undergoing a friendly transition where I will become more independent.

What this means is, for the next year or so I will put the bulk of my energy into further developing my online presence.  I likely will not return to Japan in 2015.  I will try to return in 2016.  This doesn’t mean you will not have access to Ecton and me though.  As I develop my online presence I hope to provide you a closer relationship with Ecton and me than ever before.  Already Champak and I have begun our online Audio Blog with Ecton and will continue to do this about once a month.  And from the comfort of your home you can now have a private counseling session with Ecton by way of Skype or telephone at a reduced fee from before. 

I am exploring all possibilities about making my communication with you as immediate and intimate as possible, including online seminars, trainings, tours, and more.  My mind, desires, and dreams are filled with possibilities about making this transition beneficial for you, our clients and fans.  I so look forward to greater closeness with you, by way of technology.

I ask that you support this transition any way you can, by participating in our offerings, and spreading the word of this transition.  It is by way of your participation that enables me to continue to offer my work to you. 

And please, continue to support Voice Co.  Their offerings and staff are truly wonderful.  By the way, some of my books and my Channeling Training DVD will still be available through Voice Co and my home page.

You may reach me directly, and see my offerings by way of my home page at www.richardlavin.com, Ecton Portal at www.facebook.com/ectonportal or by email at mail@richardlavin.com   I welcome all questions, comments, and suggestions in English or Japanese.  I will do my best to personally respond to your communication.

So, please join Ecton, Champak, me, and my new Japanese staff in this transition.  We appreciate your support and love more than we can say.

Love to you,

Richard Lavin

親愛なる皆さん、(2014年 冬)






今後の皆さんから私へのコンタクトは、私のホームページwww.richardlavin.com、フェイスブックのエクトン・ポータルwww.facebook.com/ectonportal、または私のEメールアドレスmail@richardlavin.com からしていただけます。ご質問、コメント、ご提案等どのようなことでも、英語または日本語にてお書きください。できるかぎり折り返しお返事をさせていただきます。




Dear Friends, (Spring 2014)

It’s been about a year since I visited Japan.  I’ll be coming back soon, looking forward to hanami and spring in Japan.  And, of course, I look forward to seeing many of my friends, both current and new.

Spring is a time of warmth, renewal, and rebirth, and what I’ve seen of Japan’s recent winter, I’m sure many of you are looking forward to warmer, more stable weather.

Since our outer world tends to reflect our inner world, perhaps you are seeking warmer, more stable relationships and life experience also.  Springtime is a perfect time for getting your life in order, changing your priorities, activities, and relationships, to be in harmony with your changing needs.

Is it possible to have substantial positive change and be emotionally and mentally stable?  Sure it is, but it can be challenging.  My feeling is the most important element of this is to stay focused on today’s changes and activities.  Whoever you were yesterday, you are not the same person today.  Whoever you may be tomorrow will show itself by and by.  No need to focus on a vaporous past or future.  You have your hands full for just today, and the more you can focus on today, the happier you will be and the more stable you will feel.

You have many tools available to aid your changes.  You have meditation.  You have your kind, flexible, and loving nature.  You have perception and intuition.  You have family and friends and trusted helpers.  There is never a lack of assistance if you should need it.  You just have to ask.  No need to be embarrassed.  No need to be shy.  Just ask.  You belong to a social species. Your purpose is to work, communicate, help, and play with others.

If Ecton and I can aid you in any way, please just ask.  We will give you our undivided attention to assist you in making whatever adjustments you want to make in your life.  We will give you our 33 years of experience in helping people improve the quality of their lives and relationships.  And as always, we will do our best.

Champak, Ecton and I hope to see you soon!

Love to you and yours,

Richard Lavin
Channel for Ecton

親愛なる友人の皆さまへ (春2014)









Dear Friends, (Spring 2013)

So, you survived 2012!  Good for you!  I hope you have a lot in your life to be thankful for.  I often recommend to my clients, especially when life is challenging, to take inventory of the good things in their lives.  For example; your family, your friends, your health, your abundance, your spiritual evolution, your ability to give and receive love.  This inventory can help you to get through the times when life is peculiar, strange, or difficult.  It can remind you that your challenges are temporary, and solutions may be right around the corner.  It can help you to remember that you already possess problem-solving skills and that life has often been wonderful.  That all trouble comes to an end.  Building a foundation of gratitude can help you to magnetize more good things in your life.

I am grateful for the many good things in my life.  One of the most important to me is my relationship with Japan and Japanese people.  As I look back in time I realize this has been a gift that I could never have imagined.  What I did was open myself to “possibility thinking” to magnetize the opportunity to do something so unique, unpredictable, challenging, and extraordinary.  Thank you so much for this opportunity!

These thoughts bring me to the present, where I am beginning to think about my next visit to Japan in April.  Again, by the generous invitation of Voice Co., and my anticipation of seeing many friends, both new and familiar, I’m looking very forward to my next trip.

This will be a different kind of visit for me, for I will come to Japan only once in 2013.  Family responsibilities will take me back to America later this year.  I hope to resume my twice-a-year schedule to Japan in 2014.  So, what does this mean for you?

Well, many of you know I have been focusing a lot of energy on my Channeling Training courses.  Each time I conduct the Channeling Training I’m amazed at the intelligence and commitment of the students.  I look forward to working with a new crop of eager students who want to learn something that could be life-changing and a pathway to a more abundant and enjoyable future.

I realize that taking the Channeling Training can be a challenge to your time and financial resources.  This is why we have attempted to pack as much useful information and practice into the Channeling Training as humanly possible.  And each Channeling Training is fine-tuned to the members of each group to make the experience intimate, personal, and worth your time and resources.  In truth, Champak, Ecton, and I give you our ALL.

This year, to make it even easier for you to attend the Channeling Training course we will do it during Golden Week.  You can experience the entire Channeling Training, Level 1 and Level 2 in a little more than one week.  This time promises to be fun, intense, filled with opportunities to learn a new skill, and an opportunity to meet new friends.  And for an added bonus, you can wish me “Happy Birthday” which occurs on “kodomo no hi” (Boys Day), during the Channeling Training!  What a wonderful birthday gift for me…the honor of being with you!

I apologize to my friends and clients in Osaka.  I will not be able to visit in 2013, but I’ll be back in 2014.  Because I will visit Japan only once during 2013, Voice staff, Champak and I are creating a schedule for later this year where we will provide many opportunities for you to talk to Ecton by way of TCP (Telephone/Skype Channeling Project) or LDCC (remote Long Distance Channeled Counseling).  For those of you who would like to try this type of private counseling session with Ecton, the time is perfect for this.  Many of my clients tell me the quality of a remote session by mail or by telephone or Skype is as useful as an in-person session.

So, I will see you again in April.  Until then, try to enjoy the last of the cold winter weather and please look forward to a spring of renewal, warmth, and sakura!

Much Love,

Richard Lavin

Dear Friends, 親愛なる皆さんへ (春2013)

さて、皆さんは2012年を越えて無事に生き残った訳ですね。それは何より、良かったです! 皆さんの人生には有り難いと思うことが沢山あることを望んでいます。私はクライアントの方々に、人生の試練を体験している時にはことさら、人生の中の良い事柄をじっくり棚卸して見直してみることをお勧めしています。






今年は、さらに皆さんがチャネリングトレーニングへご参加しやすいように、ゴールデンウィーク中に開催します。チャネリングトレーニングのレベル1とレベル2の全てを一週間ちょっとで体験していただくことが可能になりました。今回も、楽しく、集約的に、新しいスキルを学ぶ機会が満載で、新しい友達にも出会う機会のあるものになることをお約束します。そして、おまけのボーナスとしては、チャネリングトレーニング中の“kodomo no hi(コドモノヒ)”には、私の“ハッピーバースディ”を共にお祝いしていただけます。



Much love, たくさんの愛を込めて、

Richard Lavin リチャード・ラビン

Dear Friends, (Fall 2012)

Hello!  I hope you are having an enjoyable and productive summer.  In a few months I will return to Japan and with a desire to continue to provide you with high-quality counseling and assistance by way of Ecton.  The first time I came to Japan was in 1988.  The idea of channeling was just beginning to be experienced by many as a new way of accessing and gathering information and energy.  In fact, channeling has been around a long time, perhaps for thousands of years.  Channeling has been known by many different names, in many different cultures, and defined in many different ways, but one thing remains the same…that humans have the ability, by way of channeling or other methods, to reach beyond their perceived limitations and invite new and exciting experiences into their lives.

This idea is especially important these days.  The world seems so full of limitations, blockages, and difficulties that it seems impossible, at times, to imagine we can make improvements.  But the same way seers and prophets of old have stimulated new ways of believing and behaving, so can we now, from a modern perspective, invite profound newness into our world.

Of course, many traditionalists don't want newness or modernness.  They want to go back to an imagined time of old where life was more peaceful, stable, and easy.  But honestly, how far back in time must we go to experience such a world?  Does such a time of old even exist?  Isn't it true that every age of human-kind has it's challenges and delights?

Ecton has said that our journey along our path of evolution has taken us from an age of barbarianism to our current age of consciousness and enlightenment.  Now we can exercise powerful, positive conscious choice more than ever before.  It might be challenging to perceive and experience this evolutionary jump at every moment.  But your future and your freedom depends on your willingness to make useful choices that improve the quality of life for yourself, those whom you love, and your planet.

Can we control the choices of others?  In my opinion, no.  That is not within the realm of our creative potential.  No amount of voodoo, prayer, or meditation will change the mind of someone who is absolutely committed to a certain way of life, even if that commitment leads them down a path of dishonor or horror.  So, in the often-mentioned opinion of Ecton:  Take care of yourself.  Control and choose what you can, and don't be overly concerned or depressed about the choices others make, even if their choices seem to affect you directly or indirectly.

The only way to move into this age of enlightenment and newness is to take full responsibility for your choices.  Those who refuse to embrace an enlightened choice-making perspective will eventually, hopefully, transform to a higher, healthier, functional truth.  Can we know when or how this will occur?  Probably not.  That is the nature of evolution.  It is based upon the need and desire to survive and thrive, to avoid extinction, in ways we might not understand.  

Your evolution is occurring now.  It is a law of nature.  It MUST occur, as you MUST breathe to continue to live in the physical dimension.  The outcomes of evolution are not always predictable, but certainly can be glorious.

Grow, change, love, live.  It's your choice.  It's your life.

Much Love,

Richard Lavin
Channel for Ecton

Dear Friends, 親愛なる皆さんへ (秋2012)

Hello mina-san! こんにちは、皆さん! 皆さん、楽しくて、実りのある夏を過ごされているでしょうか? もうしばらくで、私は、皆さんにご提供させていただいている、 高い質で進められるエクトンのセッションやワークショップを行うために、日本に戻る予定です。

最初に日本を訪れたのは1988年でした。 当時、情報やエネルギーにアクセスする新しい方法として、 たくさんの人々がチャネリングを体験し始めていました。 実際には、チャネリングは長い時間(ひょっとしたら数千年間)にわたり、ずっと存在してきました。
チャネリングは、いろいろな文化の中で、 様々な名前で知られていましたし、色々な異なる方法で実践されてきました。 その中で、ひとつだけ不偏なことがあります。

「人間はチャネリングまたは他の方法によって、認識の限界を超えた場所に到達し、 新しくエキサイティングな経験を自分の人生のなかに招き入れることのできる能力を持っている」

この世界は、時として、私たちが改善していけるのだとは想像ができない程、 制限やブロック、困難に満ちているように見えます。 しかし、昔の予言者や預言者たちが新しい信仰や行動様式を促してきたのと同じように、 今、私たちも、現代的な視点から、深遠な「新たなもの」を私たちの世界に呼び込むことができるのです。 もちろん、伝統主義者の多くは、新しいものや現代的なものを望みません。 彼らは、人生がもっと平和で、安定して、安泰だった、古い時代へ戻ることを望んでいます。 しかし率直にいって、どれ程の時間を戻れば、そのような世界を体験できるのでしょうか? そもそも、そのような古い時代は、果たして存在していたのでしょうか? あらゆる時代の人間が、それぞれの課題と喜びをもって生きているというのが、真実ではないでしょうか?

と伝え続けてきています。 今、私たちは、かつてないほど、パワフルでポジティブな意識的選択をすることが可能です。

毎瞬毎瞬において、この進化の過程での飛躍を、知覚したり体感するということは、 チャレンジをともなうかもしれません。 しかし、あなたの「将来」と「自由」は、 あなた自身にとって、あなたが愛する人々にとって、そしてこの惑星にとって、 生命の質を向上させるような役立つ選択を、 あなたが「進んで選んでいく」かどうかにかかっているのです。

どれほど呪文や、祈り、瞑想をしたところで、 ある決めた生き方をすると堅くコミットしている誰かの考えを変えることはできないでしょう。 たとえそのコミットにより「屈辱」や「恐怖」への道を進むことになるとしてもです。 ですから、エクトンがよくいう言葉にあるように、 「自分自身のケアをしなさい。“Take care of yourself.”」

「自分で、できること」をコントロールし選択してください。 そして他人がした選択に対して、過度に心配したり落ち込んだりしないでください。 たとえ彼らの選択があなたに直接的に、あるいは遠まわしに、影響を与えているように見えたとしても・・・

 “悟り”と“新しさ”のこの時代に移行する唯一の方法は、 あなたの選択に対し、あなた自身が全ての責任をもつということです。

悟りの境地から「選択をする」という考え方を拒む人も、 いつかはやがて、より高い次元の、健全な、機能的な真実の世界に移行するでしょう。
私たちには、この移行がいつ、どのように起こるかを知ることが可能でしょうか? おそらく、不可能でしょう。それが進化の性質というものなのです。
それは、私たちが理解できないような形で起こるものであり、 絶滅を避けて、生き残りと繁栄のための私たちの要求や欲求に基づいたものなのです。

あなたの進化は、今、起こっているのです。 これは自然の法則なのです。
それは起きなければならないことなのです ・・・あなたがこの物理的次元で生きていくためには呼吸を“しなくてはならない”のと同じで。 進化の結末は常に予測不能です、しかし確かにそれは輝かしいものになることができるのです。




 Much love, たくさんの愛を込めて、

Richard Lavin リチャード・ラビン

Dear Friends, (2011)

In many ways I feel fortunate I was in Japan during the multiple catastrophes that occurred on March 11, 2011.  Perhaps that sounds odd, but for me I was able to witness, close-up, the courage and fortitude of the Japanese in the face of extraordinary difficulty.  I am hopeful that you and your family and friends are coping well with the ongoing troubles. 

I am filled with admiration and even pride that I am fortunate to count Japan as my second home, and privileged my soul is so deeply affected by the Japanese.  Also, from these difficult events I have learned much about adjusting my priorities about what is important in life…family, friends, and good health.

Voice has invited me back in the fall and I’ll have a very full schedule.  First, we will have a Talk Event in Tokyo with Natsuo Giniro-san to discuss our new collaborative book, Ecton X Giniro.  I’m looking forward to this event and feel Giniro and Ecton created a wonderful document together that can be useful to all readers.  The release date for Ecton X Giniro is 2011, June 25.

And I will return to conduct the newly redesigned version of our Channeling Training Program, Level 1 and 2.  If you’d like to develop a skill that can be used for yourself and your family and friends, and professionally if you choose, this could be a useful training for you.

Another participatory lecture series Ecton and I will be conducting is called Life Purpose, Life Lesson.  This might be a perfect time to get your priorities straight and start to view yourself and your life in a more positive and useful fashion.  That’s what L.P.L.L. is all about. 

As you can see from my mention of my future activities, even though my heart still aches for Japan, my life and work must continue.  I’m sure you’ve realized this for yourself too.  I am hopeful you can find the sweetness of life amongst the occasional bitterness.  Ecton and I hope to be able to assist you with this.

Have a wonderful summer and I hope to see you very soon!

Much Love,

Richard Lavin

Trance Channel for Ecton




この秋に私に戻ってくるようにとヴォイスから招待されていて、そして盛りだくさんのスケジュールがつまっています。まずは最初には、銀色夏生さんとコラボレーションした新しい本について語り合おうという、『ECTON×銀色夏生 変化は起き続ける』トークイベントを東京で行います。このイベントを楽しみにしていますし、銀色さんとエクトンは、読者の方にとって価値のある素晴らしいドキュメントを創りだしたと感じています。本の販売開始は6月下旬ですよ。


もう一つは、シリーズで行っている『人生の目的、ライフレッスンを知る(Life Purpose, Life Lesson)』という参加型レクチャーへ、エクトンと私がお連れします。このワークショップは、あなたの優先順位をはっきりとさせ、あなた自身とあなたの人生をよりポジティブで価値のある方法で見つめはじめるパーフェクトな時間となるかもしれません。それが、L.P.L.L.(Life Purpose, Life Lesson)の全てです。